I hold a bechelor degree and Master of Science degree both in Economics by the Universidad Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona. After graduating I worked extensively in the corporate world developing joint business plans with clients. In parallel I began training as a therapist.



My initial exploration included various workshops: Introduction to Barbara Brennan Healing techniques,, Pathwork, Theta Healing, Vipassana Meditation, Shamanism, Reiki, theater and dance. 


PsychoEnergetics was my first major training and it is the chief cornerstone of my own personal process and my work.

I graduated from the full 4 year program plus an additional year in Advanced Facilitation Training. 

Currently I am a Faculty member for the PsychoEnergetics Training in Europe.


 I furthered my training graduating as a Craniosacral Biosdynamic Therapist in the prestigious

Karuna Institute where I had the honor of being a student of Franklyn Sills, pioneer and world reference in the Biodynamic approach. This training gave me a broader understanding of the human system, both from a scientific and physiological point of view, as well as from a more subtle and energetic point of view. It also helped fine tune my state of presence and perceptions skills.


I also teach Strategy at UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) with an ethical and conscious approach.


These are my credentials. Perhaps more important is my commitment to my own ongoing process,always moving and bringing me to my edges. This work make sense if it is anchored and integrated in the ordinariness of daily life; this is what I intend for my self and others, so that we can become more Human. 


Don't hesitate to contact me if would like to ask me a question contact info