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PsychoEnergetics is a body-mind approach in the facilitation of depth process work aiming to create lasting and meaningful transformation.


It is based upon a multidisciplinary method nourished by the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions (Buddhist mindfulness, Hindu chakra system, breath work,...) and the clinical approach of various psychological disciplines (character structures, bioenergetics, Jung archetypes, transpersonal psychology, body oriented psychology...)


We work with what is alive in the present moment when client and practitioner meet. We bring our attention to the subtle dynamics underneath a particular narrative, so that something new may arise into consciousness.


We explore limiting patterns and beliefs, defense mechanisms, and immature or undeveloped aspects; engaging in an "undoing" process of letting go of what no longer serves or reflects us, and opening up for further growth. We connect with emotions in order to process them in a contained way, accessing the vitality at their core. We observe the ways in which the energy flows or is constrained in the body, allowing this to inform us. We bring into awareness repressed unconscious material, gaining clarity and freedom to respond rather than react. We open up to consider and experience new possibilities that allow for the healing of wounds and traumas. We open also to the transpersonal realm of the collective and transcendent.



Using this approach we have the possibility to express, complete, release and resolve from a deep consciousness and to realize our potential. The emphasis is placed on knowing and accepting what is, and from this place, the path to growth and to a lasting and meaningful transformation opens organically. 


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