In the work with organizations my intention is to support individuals and teams to operate from a higher awareness level.


This will inevitably turn out in better results and also in a better and more significant contribution to all stakeholders: employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers, environment and society.


My programs are oriented towards enhancing three dimensions:

Individuals, Teams and Innovation.


They are an invitation to deepen, reflect and engage in significant inquiry. This sets the basis for individuals, teams and the organization as a whole, to be able to meet their challenges and opportunities from a new place that bares more potential.

My therapeutic training and experience coupled with my own experience in the corporate world and as an economist, have enabled me to develop a broad vision and personal style. I base my methodology in mindfulness, presencing and deep inquiry.


If you would like to receive my programs catalog and consult on collaboration possibilities, please contact me at: / +34 650508283