Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

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In Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy we orient to the Intrinsic Health that originates, forms and organizes us from conception and throughout all our life. This Intrinsic Health is constantly seeking the best possible balance given our circumstances.


From a place of stillness and receptivity I hold a space that enables the client to feel safe and to mobilize her own resources in order to retrieve vitality locked in the memories of traumatic experiences or so called blockages. These memories and blockages can be approached and dealt with at a physical, emotional, psychological and energetic level.


The session begins by taking a moment to "arrive", feel what is present in that particular moment and access a sense of basic goodness. Afterwards the client, fully dressed, lies down on the treatment table. I then use a soft and light touch to listen to and support the system's intentions.


I don't make corrections or adjustments, I make room for the client's vital force to act following its own intrinsic wisdom. Every change and adjustment comes from within the client, given her possibilities, pace and timing. This allows for an organic and harmonious process that leads to a sustainable transformation.


Even though the name is "Craniosacral", contact can be established from any body part convenient for the process. And even more important, through the listening I establish relationship with the whole of the client, including her history, conditioning, and potential. 



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