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My vocation is to support bringing ourselves wholeheartedly in the ordinariness of our daily lives so that we can live the relationship with ourselves, those around us, the environment and our work from at a more authentic, coherent and conscious place; realize our potential and humanity; and receive more of the world, whilst having more to offer as well.

Personal Process

Proceso Personal Biodinámica Craneosacral Terapia Barcelona

I facilitate healing, integration and developmental personal processes with a holistic approach -  integrating body, mind, emotions and the transpersonal realm.


Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

Manual Therapy oriented towards the foundations of the human system.



Body-Mind approach to depth and process facilitation


Programs designed for organizations with the aim of supporting them to operate from a higher level of awareness. Which supports that individuals and teams develop and activate their higher potential and be agents of greater value creation for all stakeholders. 


The programs are oriented to three developmental dimensions:

  • Enhancing Individuals
  • Enhancing Teams
  • Enhancing Innovation


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