I hold a Master of Science degree in Economics from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and I worked several years in project management in the corporate world. 


I completed the 4 training years of the PsychoEnergetics (PSEN), an international training in process facilitation, plus and additional year in Advance Facilitation. I am currently a faculty member of the PSEN Training.


I am a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. I was trained in the prestigious Karuna Institute in UK  where I had the honor of being a student of Franklyn Sills, pioneer and world reference in the biodynamic approach. This training gave me a broader understanding of the human system, both from a scientific and physiological point of view, as well as from a more subtle and energetic point of view. It also helped fine tune my state of presence and perceptions skills.


I have attended to a number of healing and personal development workshops (Barbara Ann Brennan School, Pathwork, Theta Healing, Vipassana Meditation, Shamanism, theater, dance, Movement Medicine, etc.) 


Additionally I am an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Economic and Business at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. I teach Business Courses with an ethical and conscious approach. My teaching methods have the student at the center of the learning experience and promote critical thinking, generative dialogues, creativity and collaboration.